Sugar & Sweeteners

Evonik debuts new sugar-free sweetener solution to Asian markets

14 Sep 2017 --- Evonik has launched Risumalt, a low-calorie, sugar-free sweetener solution with significant consumer and manufacturing benefits at the Food Ingredients (FI) Asia trade show currently being held in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Stevia leaves gain approval in the EU

31 Aug 2017 --- EU Member States recently agreed that infusions made from stevia leaves now can be sold in European countries with general food safety rules applying. It is now established that stevia leaves have been sold and consumed to a significant degree within the EU before 1997, which means it is no longer seen as a Novel Food. The new legislation applies for tea, herbal and fruit infusions prepared with leaves from stevia leaves.

BRC publishes new guidance on food packaging

22 Aug 2017 --- Brand and consumer protection organization, BRC Global Standards has published the first edition of food packaging materials guidance. It’s geared towards achieving a common understanding, terminology and point of reference for good practice for businesses involved in the delivery of food and to prevent substances from packaging materials from getting into food.

Sweet Green Fields becomes largest producer of Non-GMO Project verified stevia

01 Aug 2017 --- Sweet Green Fields (SGF), one of the largest, fully integrated global stevia ingredient companies, has achieved non-GMO project verification for 28 of its stevia ingredients, making it the largest producer of non-GMO project verified stevia ingredients. The non-GMO project is one of the most trusted third-party verifications for non-GMO food and products in North America.

SweeGen and Ingredion commercialize new Reb D sweetener

27 Jul 2017 --- SweeGen Inc., a provider of nature-based sweeteners, and Ingredion Incorporated have announced a new addition to its line of stevia leaf sweeteners with the successful commercialization of BESTEVIA Reb D as another option for sugar reduction in foods and beverages. 

Stevia Study Provides Further Evidence for Naturality

13 Jul 2017 --- New research published in the International Journal of Food Science and Technology found steviol glycosides are not altered during the extraction and purification process to make high-purity stevia extract. 

PureCircle Launch First-Ever Commercially Viable Stevia Antioxidant Product

27 Jun 2017 --- PureCircle claims it has developed the first commercially viable stevia antioxidant product which can provide food and beverage companies new access to health and wellness ingredients for their consumers. 

Strong Sugar and Starch Segments Support EBITA Increase for AGRANA

21 Jun 2017 --- Good prices of ethanol in the starch segment plus a strong sugar segment contributed to improved first quarter results for international food company Agrana which has just published its earnings before tax for March 1 to May 31.
Over the first quarter, AGRANA’s EBIT increased  from €47.0 million in Q1 2016/17 to €69.8 million. Revenues during the three months also rose slightly, from €665.5 million to €684.2 million.

PureCircle's Breakthrough Stevia Extract Has High Degree of Sugar-Like Taste

09 Jun 2017 --- PureCircle has announced the successful production of the first stevia leaf extract from the new, breakthrough, proprietary stevia leaf – StarLeaf stevia.

Lampados Launch 3D Stevia Sweetener

08 Jun 2017 --- Lampados International, Ltd., have launched Liteez, its new, 3D stevia sweetener for hot drinks. This “free-from” meringue kiss addresses the growing demand for sugar reduction in beverages.

Mexico Strikes a Deal on Sugar Trade Agreement

07 Jun 2017 --- US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has issued a statement regarding a new agreement between the United States and Mexico regarding the importation of Mexican sugar.  

Steviana Launch High Purity Stevia Product Viana

05 Jun 2017 --- Founded in 2016, Steviana Bioscience is now commercializing its global patented extraction, purification and crystallization processes to produce the worlds cleanest tasting Stevia products.  

Canadian Approval for Ajinomoto’s Advantame Sweetener

27 Apr 2017 --- Ajinomoto’s zero-calorie sweetener, Advantame, has been approved in Canada following the green light already being given by a whole host of other countries. Advantame has a clean, sugar-like taste, functionality and cost effectiveness, and can be used to replace caloric sweeteners and other high-potency sweeteners in foods and beverages while maintaining or enhancing the flavor profile.

NHS and Leading Suppliers Vow to Reduce Sales of Sugary Drinks

24 Apr 2017 --- The UK National Health Service (NHS) has announced it is “stepping up the battle against obesity, diabetes and tooth decay” by declaring that sugary drinks will be banned in hospital shops from next year unless suppliers voluntarily take decisive action to cut their sales over the next 12 months. 

Special Report: An Industry Update on Sugar Taxes

24 Apr 2017 --- The soft drinks industry at large has been facing the sugar tax challenge for several years now against a backdrop of consumer demand for reduced-sugar products and increasing calls for governments to legislate on the issue. Reformulating a much-loved product by removing or replacing the sugar, while maintaining the familiar taste is a challenge for most companies. But that has not stopped the majority of key players from adding a wealth of no- or low-sugar lines to their portfolios.

Study Linking Diet Drinks With Stroke and Dementia Disputed Over Mechanism

21 Apr 2017 --- A long-term observational study has shown that drinking one or more artificially sweetened beverages on a daily basis is linked to almost three times the risk of developing stroke or dementia compared to those who drank them less than once a week. However, claims that the observational study includes a number of limitations have come to light, with the ISA stating the study “provides no convincing evidence and no plausible mechanism for a causal relationship between diet drinks’ consumption and health indices, in this case stroke and dementia.”

Sugar Sweetens Associated British Foods Profits

20 Apr 2017 --- Associated British Foods (ABF) has published its interim first-half results which sees pre-tax profits at the food and fashion group jump to £624 million (US$800 million) by 35% in the 24 weeks to March 4. And revenues at the British multinational food processing and retailing company went up by 19% to £7.3 billion (US$9.3 billion).

Sweeteners are a Safe Sugar Alternative: UK Health Body

10 Apr 2017 --- In a report published on 30 March, Public Health England (PHE) has acknowledged that low calorie sweeteners can play a useful role in calorie and sugar reduction and in food reformulation. In the report, the UK health agency also sets out guidelines for how the food industry can cut 200,000 tons of sugar from their products per year by 2020.

Evolva and Cargill in “Next Generation” Stevia Deal

03 Apr 2017 --- Evolva and Cargill are teaming up to produce the “next generation of stevia sweetener” with a 2018 launched planned for EverSweet. The announcement has lead to sweetener maker Evolva shares increasing more than 10% in early trading today (Apr 3).