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    New Protein Solution for Clinical Nutrition

    27 June 2017
    High protein formulations and targeted, highly functional ingredients continue to be a global trend. Ingredia continues to innovate to meet these market demands for the aging population.
    At VitaFoods, Ingredia presented their PRODIET Hydrolysate S 25 is a whey protein hydrolysate with a hydrolysis degree of 25%. According to Aude Ragot, “PRODIET Hydrolysate S 25 will trigger muscle synthesis in the elderly, thanks to the high content of leucine and its fast assimilation.”
    Also being presented at the show was PRODIET Fluid is native micellar casein which contains more than 87% protein on dry matter. Micellar caseins are slowly digested proteins, up to 7 hours after ingestion for the aging population. This makes it efficient to reduce night fasting period thanks to the slow amino acid release.