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    New Ingredient Solution for Digestive Health

    29 May 2017
    Indena is bringing at Vitafoods 2017 Prodigest, its latest innovation for natural digestive relief. Prodigest is a patented combination of two standardized ingredients: a unique extract of artichoke leaves (Cynara cardunculus L.) and a similarly unique lipophilic CO2 extract of ginger roots (Zingiber officinale Rosc.). To develop Prodigest, Indena redesigned these two well-known extracts to create a product which is backed up by exhaustive clinical data supporting both its functionality (gastric emptying) and effectiveness (relief of discomforts). The inventive synergy of artichoke leaves and ginger extracts developed by Indena has been proven to be more effective than the two single extracts separately. Two recent human clinical studies with Prodigest have shown improved gastric motility symptoms related to digestive discomforts, known to cause gastric fullness, pain, bloating and nausea.