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When you use almonds in your formulations, you’re not only adding great taste and nutrients; you’re adding a versatile ingredient that consumers demand. Almonds bring the perfect balance to any product, and people are eating them right up. In fact, since 2006, almonds have been the number one nut used in global new product introductions.* So go ahead and serve up some extra appeal with your next product, just make sure almonds are in.

*Innova Market Insights, Global New Products Report, 2011.

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Food Ingredients News 25 May 2017

Almond Board of California: Snack Nuts Evolve with Changing Tastes

25 May 2017 --- A versatile ingredient, nuts account for a rising share of new product launches in the ever-evolving global snacks category. According to Innova Market Insights, snack nuts and seeds, like trail mixes, accounted for over 30 per cent of snack launches in 2016, up from 26.5 per cent five years previously.

From TWOFI 26 April 2017

Identifying Flavor Volatiles in California Almonds

Understanding the compounds responsible for almonds’ signature attributes is key to understanding almonds’ flavor.

Food Research 06 January 2017

Can Almonds Become a Zero Waste Crop?

06 Jan 2017 --- The Almond Board of California (ABC) has announced it is currently looking for ways to optimize almond co-products such as almond hulls, shells and other woody materials in order to reduce food waste. 

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19 August 2015

article image Novel Applications for Almonds

With innovative almond samples, new research and live demonstrations, Almond Board of California had industry and culinary experts available to address questions and development challenges at IFT 2015. Various creative concepts were presented with almonds, including a dairy free “almond cheese” that was created with almond milk. Reserach chef Seeratt Dutt discusses the concepts.

06 December 2013

article image Creating On Trend Snacks With Almonds

New research by Innova Market Insights shows that almonds are the number one nut in new food products worldwide, having grown 148% since 2005. In fact, consumers worldwide report almonds as the nut they eat most often as an ingredient in other foods such as chocolate, cereals, and bakery items – and manufacturers have taken notice. The Almond Board of California is looking to target the opportunities of the EU snacking market with new concepts.

24 October 2012

article image Is the Calorie Content of Certain Foods Being Overstated

A recent study, which was conducted by a group from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), researchers used a rigorous method for determining the energy value of almonds and found that almonds may have about 20% fewer calories than originally thought.

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17 March 2016

article image Trending Inclusions: Increasing Consumer Appeal of Chocolate Products with Ingredients like Almonds

Lu Ann Williams of Innova Market Insights provides a “state of the industry” overview of global chocolate products in this webinar. Using real-world product examples, David Bradley, the Curious Confectioner, shares four new recipes he developed with trending inclusions.

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