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AkzoNobel Salt Specialties

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AkzoNobel Salt Specialties

In today’s food industry healthier products are in increasing demand. At the same time sodium reduction regulations are becoming ever more strict. Could there be an easy way to benefit from the health trend and comply to new standards while retaining taste-based consumer preference? The answer is yes, as the salt experts at AkzoNobel have developed OneGrain® − a unique mineral salt with less sodium and great taste, all in one grain.

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OneGrain® is a unique solution that brings different ingredients together in a new grain of salt; OneGrain® contains the optimal balance of sodium salt, potassium salt and flavor. The flavor brings back the salty taste while masking the negative taste of the potassium salt. Since all ingredients are homogenously combined into a grain, OneGrain is effective and a true one to one replacer of regular salt. You can achieve todays and tomorrows sodium targets by replacing just as much salt as needed.

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Food Ingredients News 06 June 2017

Key Interview: “Sodium Reduction is Our Brand,” Says AkzoNobel

06 June 2017 --- In today’s food industry healthier products are in increasing demand and sodium reduction regulations are becoming even stricter to ensure that guidelines and salt recommendations are being met. Salt experts at AkzoNobel have developed OneGrain − a unique mineral salt with less sodium and great taste, all in one grain.

Business News 02 June 2017

PPG Withdraws From $28 Billion AkzoNobel Takeover Pursuit

02 Jun 2017 --- PPG has withdrawn its $27.6 billion takeover pursuit of AkzoNobel and said it will not pursue a public offer for all the issued and outstanding shares of AkzoNobel. PPG said it had made the final decision after careful consideration, including the stakeholder interests of both companies. This ends an unusually bitter trans-Atlantic standoff between two of the world's oldest industrial companies.

Food Ingredients News 05 June 2017

Special Report: Sugar and Sodium Reduction Top Priorities in Bakery Trends

05 Jun 2017 --- Bakery is a huge and ever changing food sector. From breakfast to convenience, snacks to sandwiches, the bakery business has been heavily influenced by some of the leading trends in the food industry. As consumers look towards healthier options for an improved lifestyle, the definition of healthy products can vary from market to market, specifically when it comes to bakery items. In one market, a healthier option might mean using wholemeal flour whereas in another, the presence of grains immediately provides the perception of a healthy product.

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27 January 2015

article image A Novel Approach to Sodium Reduction

OneGrain technology from AkzoNobel Salt Specialties can achieve up to 50% sodium reduction by combining regular salt, mineral salt and taste-enhancing flavors in single salt grains. OneGrain is suitable for different meat and cheese products, as well as ready meals, soups and crisps. The company presented an award winning Dutch ham product that succeeded in taste; despite a 50% lower sodium content.

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