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AAK refines vegetable oils for specialised products which meet customers' high requirements. In partnership with its customers.

AAK are always on the look out for partners whose production relies on high value-added vegetable oils. The company says that this is what has made AAK the world's leading producer of speciality vegetable fats. The products are used as substitutes for dairy fat and cocoa butter, as transfree solutions for fillings for chocolate and confectionery products, as well as by the cosmetics industry.

The company’s raw materials are obtained from areas such as Asia and West Africa. AAK is committed to sustainable development and is one of the prime movers behind RSPO, the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, and GreenPalm Ltd. Through these initiatives, AAK has contributed to the natural extraction of palm oil through natural agricultral development.

AAK's products originate in the plant kingdom and are renewable. This means that they achieve a minimal impact on the environment. AAK's products are used, for example, as lubricants for forestry machinery. The waste products discharged by the machinery to the eco-system during the production process have no harmful impact on the environment.

AAK is organised into three business areas: Chocolate & Confectionery Fats, Food Ingredients and Technical Products & Feed. The cosmetics unit, which is part of Chocolate & Confectionery Fats, is a rapidly-growing operation.

Production facilities are located in Denmark, Mexico, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Uruguay and the USA.

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Business News 25 July 2017

AAK pays tribute to CEO Arne Frank following his sudden death

25 Jul 2017 --- The CEO and president of Swedish vegetable oil refiners AAK Arne Frank has sadly lost his fight with cancer. 

Business News 21 April 2017

AAK Proud of “All-Time High” Operating Profit for Q1

21 Apr 2017 --- Swedish-Danish company and producer of vegetable oils and fats AAK has reported an all-time high operating profit for the first quarter 2017 which reached SEK 431 million (US$48 million), up 13% on last year. The company says how total volumes continued to grow and were 10% up, while organic volume growth was 5%, against a backdrop of strong demand for speciality and semi-speciality products which also generated a volume growth of 6%.

Business News 14 October 2016

Significant Progress Within Sustainability for AAK

14 Oct 2016 --- AAK have released its Sustainability Report for 2015/2016. The report outlines AAK’s sustainability strategy, objectives, activities and achievements within the five focus areas of the company’s model for responsible growth – Marketplace, Supply chain, Environment, Workplace and Community. 

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07 December 2015

article image Innovative Solution to Tackle Chocolate Challenges in Tropical Markets

AAK’s TROPICAO has been developed to overcome heat-related bloom, the most frequent reason for chocolate quality complaints in hot climates. With AAK’s innovative solution, chocolate manufacturers in hot climate markets such as Latin America, Asia and the Middle East are able to produce bloom-stable chocolate and still maintain the chocolate’s sensorial properties. René Schou, Global Director CCF at AAK discusses the technology.

01 July 2014

article image Trans Fat Free Oil Solutions

Terry Thomas, President of AAK USA discusses the company's latest trans fat free oil solutions and product concepts.

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