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PROVA’s Portfolio Meets Consumer Demands to “Go Clean”


16 Jun 2017 --- PROVA have a wide range of clean Label extracts and flavors which are now available in response to their customers wanting to “go clean”. 

Bill Graham, PROVA’s Vice President, Sales, North America, announced the immediate availability of a dedicated line of clean label flavors. He explains: “Now that clean labels are the standard rather than a trend, food and beverage manufacturers can turn to PROVA with confidence that many of our natural sweet brown flavors and extracts carry the ‘clean label’ ingredient distinction.”  

Graham described PROVA’s comprehensive line of clean label-ready products as a diverse collection of gourmet, nut, caramel, cocoa, coffee and vanilla flavors. He adds: “PROVA’s clean label line features more than forty distinct flavors with unique profiles in liquid and powder form. Our dairy and dessert flavors include consumer favorites like dulce de leche, brown butter, coconut biscuit and speculoos. Of course, our market leading vanilla, cocoa, and coffee flavors also have the clean label stamp. And our clean label line even includes alcohol notes like whiskey, vodka and amaretto.”

In discussing the clean label phenomenon, Graham cited the beginnings of consumer awareness of troublesome ingredients in foods and beverages. He explained that “the Food Allergen and Labeling Consumer Act of 2006 was the first time that manufacturers were given specific regulations to guide the consumer searching for products with ‘free from’ label claims. Beyond what was then merely the ‘fat free’ or ‘sugar free’ notations on labels, we evolved to ‘trans-fat free’ and ‘additive free’ claims, moving on to the more precise labeling we see today, well beyond a trend - now a consumer mandate.  More than ever, highly informed consumers are challenging us, wanting to be certain that we are looking out for them, and demonstrating it by being transparent in both our ingredients and our processing methods. Our customers want the assurance that our claims are based on science rather than being merely promotional. They look for the evidence that we are offering them products that are clean from their original sourcing until they reach the marketplace and are brought into their homes.” 

PROVA representatives are available to work with customers to demonstrate how PROVA can help formulate products with flavors that pass the clean label test.

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